quick trip

When we arrived in Portland Friday night, my mom, grandma, and I headed straight to dinner at the wonderfully delicious and lovely Screen Door.  The burger I had was one of the best I've ever had...and I take burgers pretty seriously; I won't eat one just for the sake of eating one.  It has to be GOOD.  I've been holding out for a while and this one didn't disappoint.  Also, I got to have me some grits!  I LOVE Southern food more than I love a lot of things.  True fact.  Also, I tried the catfish and mac and cheese.  YUM!  Loved this place. (Thanks for the suggestion, Erin.)
The next morning we headed (thankfully without fog like the night before) to Lewis & Clark for their "Admitted Students Day."  It was love at first sight.  Or perhaps you could say lust, because I was so enamored by its beauty.
After checking in, we walked into the chapel for the introduction talk.  An a Capella group was singing!  I immediately thought of the Warblers and couldn't help but smile.  When they announced that there were four groups on campus, I felt a relief--maybe I will be able to find someone to watch Glee with me...
When they started talking about the accomplishments of former and current LC students and the opportunities available, I started to become super stoked for next year. Yes, it was love.  Nerdy love.  (The best kind.)
The Frank Manor, which is the admissions office and president's office, was built in the 20's for 8 MILLION DOLLARS.  Can you even imagine how much that must have been back then?  The funny part is that Mr. Frank sold the estate to LC for $46,000 in the 40's just to spite Mrs. Frank after they got divorced.
When we went on the tour, my love grew even more.  Everything our tour guide said made me want to burst into a fit of giggles because it all fit me so perfectly.  I don't think I could have imagined a college more Kaylie than LC.
As a desert girl through and through, I was legitimately awed by the foliage.  Except, maybe dumbfounded would be a more appropriate word.  I literally picked up this flower to touch it to verify it was real.  I hadn't seen such plant life since my trip to Ireland a couple of summers ago!
Around every corner there was more green...It is as inescapable as 90 degree weather at any given time in AZ.  Speaking of weather... It did rain quite a lot when we arrived Friday.  The fog was incredible!  Props to my mom, who has as much experience with rain as any Arizonian, for driving us safely through it. Saturday was clear enough.  It didn't start sprinkling until around three, which was when we were getting ready to leave anyway.  All in all, I didn't feel freezing or anything.  That was promising.
LC is full of quirkiness.  We kept spotting random sculpted heads in bushes and behind trees.  Kind of creepy, but in a good way.  My favorite:  Some lady who gave money to LC insisted that every residence hall has a piano and that ice cream is always served in the dining hall.  Sure enough, I heard the piano being played in a couple of the halls we visited and ice cream was available at brunch (which had vegan scrambled "eggs" which were surprisingly delicious).
Umm...Giant clovers?!  Cue another OMG WHAT IS THIS GREEN STUFF moment.
All the classrooms had windows.  Some very large windows.  Maybe it's good it rains a lot, because I have a feeling that a clear day will be very distracting.
Some random guy was taking his giant dog out for a walk...and swim in the reflecting pool.  It was funny to watch!  I love dogs.
Just.  Look.  At. It.
All the moss...
All the huge trees...
I found my new home.


emmakaren said...

That has got to be the prettiest campus I have ever seen and it makes me pretty dang jealous! So excited for you! :)

Maggie Shirley said...

That place is BEAUTIFUL. You are going to have so much fun next year!

▲my• said...



▲my• said...

p.s. there's a challenge for you in my most recent blog post :)


Rachel Lyn said...

I am obsessed with this college. It is the most beautiful place I have ever seen and it's weird for me to think that's it is real. Please tell me what you are majoring in! Also, sorry I never got the teacup.. it really is the cutest thing ever :)

Anonymous said...

so. I'm going to live in a crappy industrial city with boarded shops and broken windows... BEAT THAT!