ten things

back when I was cool (like 7th grade?)

The always wonderful Amy challenged me to answer ten questions about myself.  Here it goes!

1.  What did you do ten years ago?
I spent my time being eight, doing eight year old things I suppose.  I loved Sabrina the Teenage Witch (the show, the cartoon, the CD-Rom) and tried to play sports with little success.  I was a girl scout!

2.  What did you do one year ago?
Oh dear, a year ago?  I was a junior, probably stressing out about AP tests and how to get a boy to notice how awesome I am.  But wait!  A year ago, I went to Portland for the first time.  How prophetic!

3.  Five snacks you like:
Fruit (especially raspberries, blackberries, and avocados), bread, roasted seaweed (from Trader Joe's), granola bars, MACARONS

4.  Five songs which you know the whole lyrics to:
I can list way more than five (more like 5,000), but the songs that have been stuck in my head recently aka that I sing to in the shower, are mostly songs by the Warblers like Misery and Raise Your Glass...  Also, I am in love with Dress & Tie by Charlene Kaye and Darren Criss.  Is This Sound Okay? by Coconut Records and Sentimental Heart by She & Him are also fun to sing.

5.  Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
I would pay for my college, pay for all my relatives and future children's college, travel, buy my parents a house, and start some kind of foundation for charity.

6.  Five bad habits:
Short term memory loss, getting distracted, going to sleep late, comparing myself to others, letting my room get messy.

7.  Five things you like to do:
Write, read, watch movies, blog, bake.

8.  Five things you would never dress in or buy?
This is tough, because I'd probably wear anything if I had the time to make it my own.  But, I do tend to shy away from tightly-fitted clothing, supershort dresses, fur (definitely real, but also faux), turtlenecks, and maxi dresses (they are taller than me).

9.  Five favorite toys:
My new iPhone, my record player, my Glee and Gossip Girl season DVDs, my Harry Potter everything, and of course my sewing machine.

10.  Five people I'd like to see take this quiz (but it's cool if you don't):
Melanie, Dahlya, Emma, Tabitha...  and Erin, because she needs something to blog about, already!  Geesh!


▲my• said...

You and Maggie did these FAST!

:D These answers are great!

Ooooh. I should have thought of maxi dresses. I am also too short for them. I envy people who can pull them off.

Tabz said...


Bob Andelman said...

Fans of Charlene Kaye -- and Darren Criss, star of "Glee" and "A Very Potter Musical" -- will enjoy listening to this extended Mr. Media interview with her. You can also watch the four-part video interview with Charlene here!