thursday thrills

Welcome to the Thursday Thrills that almost never was.  I was scrolling down Tumblr on my new iPhone (which I am in love with, by the way) and something I read or saw must have made me think of my blog and what day it was, because I exclaimed in a dramatic whisper, "It's Thursday!"  Indeed, it is.

Watch this stellar fan-made title sequence for the new X-Men: First Class movie.  Awesome work.

Laugh out loud at this hilarious blog dedicated to the art of manhating.

And the opposite of manhating...Wedding-obssessing (my speciality)!  This simple, modern, yet cozy and intimate wedding is perfection.

Try not to dance to this song by Peter, Bjorn & John.

One of my favorite bloggers got a column for Refinery 29!

Have a splendid weekend, my friends.  I know I will.  xoxo


▲my• said...

I love X-Men. I am an uber geek :)

Oooh! I recently got an iPhone as well. I LOVE IT.
I will say though, I tumble waaayy too much now.

Anonymous said...

Um, not to flatter myself... Well, yes actually, I'm going to flatter myself by saying that pic of Zooey reminds me of me. Except she's about 15849609 times cooler.