yearbook clue party

 The yearbook has been done for about two weeks.  What else is there to do but throw themed parties?
 Everyone dressed their snazziest.
 Instead of playing the board game, we were the game.  We rolled the dice...
 ...and went in that room to make a guess.
The "rooms" were the yearbook room, Mrs. Wrather's (our advisor) office, the Bull's Eye (snack shop on campus), back closet, annex, and front office, the "weapons" were a yearbook, pica ruler, camera, magazine, killer caption, and clever headline.  The "suspects"?  The editors. 
 Did I mention the "victim" was a flaky interviewee that never came in for their interview?
Yeah, that's how annoying that is. 
 The dice was fashioned out of our "Dice of Doom" for when people are late.  (If you are late to yearbook, expect to dance to the music of our choice or bring in delicious homemade treats.)
Everything turned out great!  I love the twenties, I love yearbook, and I love my yearbookers.  I am  getting seriously emotional about this year coming to an end because of how much love I have for this year's staff and book.  I was literally a wreck the day after we sent everything in.  It was like yearbook broke up with me.  Yet it was way worse than any breakup I've gone through, because in a way, I felt like my life was ending because yearbook is my life.  And when I realized that no, this is just one part of my life that is coming to close, I was even more devastated.  Because the only thing scarier than something ending is knowing that something you have no clue about is coming next.  High school is officially ending and yearbook has been my high school experience (and oh man, I'm starting to tear up again).  Believe me, I am as ready as the next person to graduate, but I am not so eager as to completely neglect the effect the last three years have been on me.  It's been (gaaaah tearssssss) so wonderful to be a part of something like yearbook.  So wonderfully fantastically fun and awesome.  Excuse me while I while I go bawl my eyes out.

On a lighter note, I have officially decided that if I had to have one genre of music incessantly playing in the background of my life, it would be jazz.

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