focus: moonrise kingdom

It doesn't take much for me to become instantly inspired and obsessed with a movie.  After seeing Moonrise Kingdom for the second time, I decided I needed to blog about how much I am in love with it.  Everyone keeps telling me, "It's such a Kaylie movie!"  To this, I say, "Thank you!!!!!" because it is really just the greatest compliment ever when something like a Wes Anderson film or macarons remind someone of me.

The thing I most admire about Wes Anderson is his attention to detail and color.  The props, costumes, landscape, music, and cinematography are all uniquely him.  It's undeniable when you're watching one of his films.

Costume-wise, I find his characters presented almost cartoon-like, as if each of his films is a live-action replication of a cherished storybook tale.  Most of the characters have one set "uniform" or color scheme that they stick to.  For instance, Suzy wears basically the same outfit the entire film, even when the color changes a couple of times. My favorite detail about Suzy's wardrobe was that she always wore a piece of ribbon around her waist.  In my mind, this means she wants to add a more grown-up shape to her "girl dress," much like she wears blue eyeshadow (which she totally rocked, by the way) and her mother's perfume.

The caricature-like aspect of the characters and their surroundings was even more evident in Moonrise since it was set in 1965.  We look at everything from the past as "precious" and Wes doesn't shy away from this--he encourages it and uses it to create a adventure dreamland that reminded me of a little kid version of a French New Wave film.  Also, I couldn't help but think of Anna Karina (in this scene in Pierrot le Fou) during the "fight" scene when Suzy uses her scissors to defend herself.

The plot itself is genius, in a simple, yet clever way.  I love action-packed craziness as much as the next person, but even more I appreciate the simplicity of a well-made feel-good movie like The Artist, When Harry Met Sally (RIP Nora Ephron), or THE MUPPETS, GOSH DARNIT!

Moral of Story:
  • Wes Anderson makes dreamy color-coordinated wonderlands.
  • Well-told love stories are timeless.
  • Go see Moonrise Kingdom ASAP.


kate said...

This was so well-written. I was at work, and this cute couple always comes in whenever I am wearing my grieving clothes, AKA weirdly athletic clothes (

They came in today to witness me in an athletic v-neck, new balances, and a black tennis skort?!?! This is acceptable in Tucson, especially when you're five feet from Whole Foods, so don't judge me please, and they are always dressed pretty well, so I told them, "Guys, please stop coming in when I'm wearing athletic clothes. That's the only time you come in." And they said, "Haha, well at least you work out! We don't." And I wanted to tell them I've only had three experiences with physical activity in the last two months, but I didn't.

Anyway, it made me think. I just look like the P.E. teacher wannabe who works at a music store. Then, I thought of how in movies, especially in Wes Anderson's, characters are portrayed like cartoon characters, always perfectly in their element, or at least appearing to be, so your costume bit really sang to me.

I also really like what you said about Suzy cinching her waist, rocking blue eyeshadow, and wearing her mother's perfume. I hadn't even thought of that. 10/10 post. Love you!

Kaylie said...

Thank you! :) I'm glad I made some sense to you.

Well, I hardly doubt you look anything less than adorable in your athletic clothes--I always admire how chic sporty people can look in their sports wear. It's really a magical thing, looking that healthy, fit, and put together all at the same time. It's something I struggle with when I am asked to dress for something physically straining. I always end up looking really, really awkward. If Suzy can hike in a dress, can't I?

Now I'm picturing you as a PE teacher. I feel like you would somehow sneak in craft time, or just play really awesome music when everyone was playing tag.

Thank you for the encouragement about my costume insight. 10/10 comment. Love you too!

▲my• said...

Cannot wait to see Moonrise Kingdom!
This just made me want to see it even more :)

Maggie Shirley said...

I've wanted to see Moonrise Kingdom so badly since I heard about it!

Also, When Harry Met Sally is one of the most wonderful movies ever made.