eat here: green + nami

Last Wednesday Erin and I had a best friend date and went out to dinner and saw Spring Awakening in downtown Phoenix.  Erin had heard about the vegan restaurant Green, so we tried it out and were not disappointed.  The atmosphere was laid-back and inviting, and the people there were very friendly.  I hadn't eaten vegan in a while (at school it's always an option, but my tendency to add cheese to everything kind of stunts this ability most of the time), so it felt good to!  We had the samosas and the greenza flatbread.  An intense lover of mozzarella, I was a little hesitant about having "mock" mozzarella, but combined with the pesto and seasonings, I couldn't tell too much of a difference.  Too bad my other (vegan) best friend Kate wasn't there to enjoy it too!

Next door was their ice cream and coffee shop, Nami.  We split (and it was plenty) the delicious Chai Tiramisu.  At the time I was under the impression it was also vegan, but it wasn't--although it was made with soy milk.  Either way, it was some of the best ice cream I've ever tried.

For a laid back night on the town, these two quaint places are great for casual dining.  It was the perfect choice before seeing Spring Awakening at Phoenix Theatre.  So happy I finally got to see it, because I have been obsessed with the music since last summer.  They did a great job, so if you're not easily offended, you should definitely try to catch it before it closes.


Kaylie said...
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▲my• said...

Oooh! These places sound awesome! I'm going to have to visit them sometime this summer. Love love love!