get inspired: interview with Amy of Seafoam Eyes

graphic by Amy
I'm starting a new series of posts about my two favorite things:  creativity and inspiration.  As a "creative" person, I am constantly searching for inspiration to fuel my creativity, and I thought it would be interesting to ask others about what they are passionate about.  Here is the first of what I hope to be many interviews with some of my favorite bloggers about what inspires them.

Amy has a lovely blog at Seafoam Eyes.  We have been blogfriends for a few years, and last summer we met for the first time at a Harry & the Potters concert.

Where do you find the most inspiration?
I find a lot of inspiration in books, and films. Most of my inspiration in life is gathered from the pictures of the lives of characters and settings painted by authors and filmmakers. For instance, right now I'm completely enamored with Louisiana, and have been reading books set in the deep south and watching movies set there. For me, inspiration comes from immersing myself in another land. I suppose it's sort of like traveling, except I get to stay home.

How do your surroundings affect your creativity?
Greatly. I find that if I'm not in a place where I'm comfortable, or can make myself at home, inspiration and creativity come to me more difficultly. I'm most creative when I am at ease, and in an environment that is tidy and aesthetically pleasing.

How does pop culture/the internet influence you?
I couldn't say that it doesn't influence me, because of course it does, it influences everyone, but I'm definitely very selective in my tastes and what I become interested in through the internet and pop-culture. I've built a comfortable bubble that includes certain aesthetics, and I tend to let in only what I am genuinely interested in. That being said I think pop culture and the internet as a whole are brilliant tools for educating ones self, and for the act of discovery. I've discovered so many amazing things through the internet, and they've all affected my life, outlook, and personality in one way or another.

What made you start blogging and what has kept you going since?
I began blogging at sixteen. I had just had a minor foot surgery that was keeping me out of ballet for a good six months, and my mom suggested blogging as a creative outlet. All-in-all I'm quite surprised I've kept blogging all these years, and that it's progressed into something so much larger than my sixteen-year-old self could ever have imagined. I kept blogging, definitely for the amazing creative outlet, but also for the fantastic community of amazing, creative, and uniquely talented people I've met through it. Blogging just wouldn't have its appeal if I didn't have the opportunity to connect with so many other like-minded bloggers in the process.

I've been reading your blog for years. Every time I read it, I get this urge to grab a cup of tea or write a letter to a friend. Is this what you're going for?
I don't know that I'm exactly "going for" anything. My blog is like an extension of my personality, and drinking tea and writing letters is most definitely a part of who I am. If reading my blog gives people the urge to make themselves a good cup of tea and write letters then I'm very glad! Because writing letters and drinking tea is AWESOME, but I wouldn't say I'm aiming to make anyone do anything other than possibly look at life with a lovelier outlook.

What creative outlets do you most utilize & why?
Well, most definitely blogging. As I mentioned, blogging is a way for me to better express my personality, and share the things I love in a creative manner. I also greatly enjoy ballet and piano as creative outlets.

How would you describe your personal stye or aesthetic?
My personal aesthetic is really just a conglomerate of all of the things I love, and personally find aesthetically pleasing. Like English gardens, contemporary architecture, Michelle Dockery, lemon meringue pie, and mens leather shoes. Maybe none of those seem like elements of style, but they are to me. They kind of paint a larger picture. I like my personal style to reflect the larger picture of my personality and interests, without giving away too much so as to leave some interest intact.

Check out Seafoam Eyes for more of Amy!


kate said...

Thoughtful q's. Makes me wanna be friendlier with Amy. Not that I'm not friendly with her. I guess what I am trying to say is, dis gurl is dooope. Love what you're doing, Kaylie!

Maggie Shirley said...

I'm so excited for the rest of these! And to do mine as well!

▲my• said...

I can't wait to see the rest of the series!
It was an honor to be the first interviewee :)

Bookish.Spazz said...

Fun fun!

I can't wait to read the rest of them!

Dillon said...

Loved this post, I get the exact same feeling when I read Amy's blog - like I just want to read a book, drink some tea, and then make something special for someone else. Definitely not a bad vibe to be giving off.
Great interview! Can't wait to see more.