i ♥ ichat

Ted will probably be mad that I posted this, but I think he's posted enough awful pictures of me on Facebook that it's okay.  Plus... I look pretty bad in this one too.  

But just look at him.  I miss him so much already.  Already counting down the days until he visits here!

Okay, I'm done being cutesy.  I just couldn't resist.

Posts to look forward to this week:
At least two more CA posts
A look at my bedroom (if it ever gets clean enough)
An easy DIY project for fortune cookie fortunes
Another embarrassing old journal entries vlog
....& maybe more


▲my• said...

:3 you two are just adorable!

Bookish.Spazz said...

GAH. The adorableness of you and Ted makes my heart explode with happiness.

Nicola said...

Gah you guys are so bloody cute.
I love it so much. :D