photo diary: beaver creek, colorado wedding

I flew into Denver from Portland the day of my aunt's wedding. I had to explain to many people that I had just been at a Harry Potter convention, which was entertaining.  The wedding was two hours away in the ski town Avon (thanks for picking me up, dad!). After some much needed naptime in the hotel room (conventions are exhausting, people--I almost slept through my alarm that morning, but thankfully Ted woke me up in time to get to my flight), I fancied up in my favorite red dress and sequin heart.  I also used my super adorable clutch that looks like a folded vintage travel magazine and felt pretty darn cool.

The wedding was small, beautiful, and set against lots of trees and a creek.   It rained pretty hard right before the ceremony, which was doused in magical post-rain sunshine.  What could be better? My aunt looked lovely, and so did my mom, who was maid of honor!  I loved being part of such an intimate wedding.  Seriously, tiny forest-y weddings with lots of delicious appetizers, lasagna, and embarrassing dancing to annoy my little sister are the way to go.

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