photo diary: mesa summer part 1

Izzy being cute in my room. 'Nuff said.

Lovely friend time.  I got super lucky because both Dahlya and Kate came home briefly to go to our friend Emily's wedding.  Weddings are good for that kind of thing, huh?  I also got to see Rylee, Erin, and Rachel a good amount!  It's so nice just chatting and catching up after not seeing one another for so long.  I'm so grateful to have these ladies in my life.

FOOD.  FOOD.  Some I made, some I just ate.  I know people get annoyed with food pictures, but whatevs, because they remind me of the moments that go along with each taste, like when I made lemon bars for the third time this summer for Bachelorette, I got pizza with my grandparents and aunt after antiquing, had breakfast with my aunt before our knitting class, or made strawberry ice cream with my family.  Food memories are pretty great, so don't hate.

Izzy getting in my way (in the cutest way possible). Plus a picture of one of the dogs I dogsat.

SEWING.  A lot of it.  Plus, I'm doing lessons with kiddos.  So basically I'm always sewing. See above for other projects hidden by Izzy's furry body.

Bridal Shower for my Aunt Marcia. I made a tart, a banner, tried milkbraids for the first time, and felt cutesy in my new red hair courtesy of my grandma.  I will post about the wedding in the near future, after I post about my trip to Portland!  Gah, I have so much to catch up on.


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lina said...

a lot of the times i'm not one for food photos, but you make food look goooood! hehe ;)

can't believe i get to meet you soon!!