photo diary: leaky con day 1 & 2

So much nerdy fun went down at Leaky.  I will try to condense it into two semi-brief posts.  
Leaky kicked off with an opening ceremony that was GAHHHHH.  It was brilliant.  It was goofy and filled with fandom humor, and ended with ANTHONY RAPP SINGING LA VIE BOHEME FANDOM-THEMED WITH STARKID, LBD CAST, EVERYONE.  I've only seen Rent one and a half times, and for me it was beyond wonderful.  For someone like Ted who is a big Rent fan, it was pure bliss.  
Ted and I are a proud inter-house couple.
....I'm including this picture because my hair is workin' it.

This is Snape with me, Kenzie, Ted, and his visiting friends.  Lily (this man's real-life wife) took our picture.  (Yes, I know.  I know.)
The second day I wore my Fawkes the phoenix costume.  Ted was a very handsome Neville (in this outfit, specifically).  I was surprisingly asked by multiple people if they could take a picture of me.  One person demanded some flight action, like this:
I tried.
 I decided to go to the LBD panel solo, which I took a crummy picture of (Ted took all the nice non-iphone photos contained in these two posts). I conveniently binge-watched The Lizzie Bennet Diaries before Leaky and absolutely loved it.  I'm really happy I kind of dove into a new fandom before Leaky because it made things even more magical for me.  The series was so fresh in my mind and I was pretty close to the stage because I was alone, so it was kind of shocking to see the actors like that.  I've never been to a con before, and it was a great first panel to go to!
Snape answering questions.  Ted and I were laughing and crying the whole time.  A bit before this, we went to the Joe Moses One-Man Showes, which was pretty hilarious.
The actors who played "Young Lily," Pansy Parkinson, and Seamus Finnigan had a panel.  It was quite entertaining, especially Devon Murray. He shared stories about how he went into his audition thinking the director was Harry Potter, how Robbie Coltrane tricked him into putting band-aids all over his face, how he, like his character, has a tendency to accidentally blow things up (like two microwaves), and how Rupert Grint put spy cameras in Emma Watson's room, "but not in a creepy way!"  Just a hoot.
After an intense, two-hour team quiz, the big wizard wrock concert started.  We saw Hank Green perform, which of course was beautifully nerdy.  Whatta cutie.

The night closed with Harry & the Potters, who I've seen once before in Phoenix!  It was lovely to share the magical experience with Ted, who had never seen them before.
As a souvenir, I bought this adorable print at the exhibit hall.  It seemed appropriate.  The illustrator was so sweet.  You should check out her lovely art here.  Ted is practically planning to buy her out and furnish his future home with her work.  We're a good match, I'd say.

More about Leaky soon!


Natalie said...

Your hair IS working it. And that's such a neat idea for a costume! Your in flight action skills are superb. Gah, I really have to go to this some day. I sort of watched LBD (I missed a bunch of episodes in the middle though and never caught up, bah) so that would have been so cool to see them all. And of course Starkid and Hank Green and EVERYONE oh my goodness.

▲my• said...


I watched the La Vie Boheme parody, and I LOVED it. I love that Anthony was there, and I cried a little bit over how perfect it was, DFTBA, they mentioned Esther? Ugh. So wonderful.

Love that you got to see HATP again! And Hank too! best best best!

jan-ee said...

I don t know any of these people...........
BUT enjoyed the reading!!