photo diary: leaky con day 3

The last day (that I got to attend), I was Molly Weasley.  This is probably one of the most comfortable outfits I have ever worn.  So comfortable that I almost fell asleep against a wall multiple times while waiting in line for Starkid seats.  Conventions are tiring, guys.  Also, people are nice there,  because even after my embarrassing sleepy antics, I still made a friend in line.  Anyway, I knitted the bag with the needles I have in my hair.  It had to be done.  
My FAVORITE THING EVER happened that morning.  It was a panel with the graphic design team MinaLima that worked on the Harry Potter films.  Let me just say, this was 100% Kaylie bliss.  My love of Harry Potter and typography combined for a two hour panel?  BLISS.  And now the internet knows the extent of my nerdom.  I'm okay with this.  The above photo is one of MANY I took.  I was so tickled by their hilarious filler text.  They had to fill entire Daily Prophets, Quibblers, Ministry of Magic pamphlets, and BOOKS with headlines and graphics even if they were never seen on camera.  Incredible.  It was so intriguing seeing all their design inspiration too.  I was SO HAPPY.
For the first time ever, I did the whole autograph thing!  It was fun, I was awkward, and now my Leaky Con bag has fancy signatures on it!

I tried to suggest Tea Chai Te to Laura Spencer when she gave me this adorable ribbon, but I probably just muttered something under my breath...  No, it wasn't THAT bad.  She was really sweet though.  Everything went so fast, but I'm fairly certain that one of the girls complimented my hair, and a couple people liked my costume.  Who knows, man.  I'm new at this.  I was flustered.

After finally getting into the mainstage after nearly falling asleep in the line, we got seats for Starkid.  But first, there was a dance off which a baby Voldemort won, and some record-breaking mustache-wearing.
It was determined by Kenzie and Ted that I looked rather like a rabbit while wearing a mustache.

It was beautiful.
The last event of the day (and last overall for me) was the charity ball (or as I would like to call it, THE YULE BALL).  It was pretty brilliant, because it was basically nerd prom.  Picture a dance where you know that even though everyone is dancing to dumb radio dance music, they all share a mutual love of nerdy things such as Harry Potter.  It's a pretty wonderful feeling, let me tell you.  Ted rocked his Gryffindor bowtie, and I wore my Ravenclaw necklace.  The best.

I'm so happy I got to experience Leaky Con in Portland this summer.  It was a magical experience.  It really makes you proud to be a nerd when you see so many different people bonding over something they love.  It was also nice to be able to see so many people visiting Portland and actually feeling like a local.  Of course the rain stopped for the convention that we were inside for all hours of every day.  Oh well.  I'll be back there in a few weeks (to start living in The Burrow--yes, we're a Harry Potter friendly household), and hopefully the weather will be sunny and cool, unlike here in Arizona, which is sunny and hot, hot, hot.

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