photo diary: hanging out in portland

A couple weeks ago, I went back to Portland to hang out with Ted and go to LeakyCon (more about that later).  Of course we went on a date at one of our absolute favorites, Screen Door.  We usually go for brunch but we decided to go for dinner and were not disappointed.  The date wasn't complete until we saw This Is the End which was HILARIOUS.  It was a top-notch date, only made more perfect with a rootbeer float and The Bachelorette.  Sorry Ted, I'm a bad influence.

When Ted's friend got into town, I had some prime Kaylie time downtown.  I got a happy hour fish taco from Elephants in the Park and sat in Director's Park to eat and knit.  It was such a beautiful day, and some band members came to practice in the park (relocating me to a table), so I ended up chatting with an old guy who was waiting for his wife with their friend.  We talked about knitting and about a concert that was happening later in Pioneer Square that I knew nothing about!  I ended up heading over there and listening to the huge high school band that was competing that weekend.  It's days like these that I realize how totally smitten with Portland I am.
And it's times like cleaning the kitchen with Ted while listening to my Flirty 30's record that make me realize how totally smitten I am with him!  Okay, I'm done now.


Violet said...

Such cute pictures! Sounds like a cute day. Love your blog!

Natalie said...


So much delicious looking food. I totally just looked at the menu for the Screen Door place and I really could go for some brioche vanilla bean french toast right now.

Portland is a place I would really like to go sometime. I think we should have a blog meet up there some year.