i ♥ black friday

The lovely Melanie and I were crazy enough to set out at around 11:30 PM (after fueling up on coffee drinks from ampm) for Chandler Mall.  Yep, it opened at 12 AM and we were there.  I may or may not have yelled at a group of teenage boys to get out of our way when we were trying to find a parking spot...
After hitting up Forever 21 (2 long sleeved shirts, pretty barrettes, cute socks), Charlotte Russe (no luck), and Gap (scored some super cute socks I've been eyeing--I have a thing for quirky socks), we headed to Scottsdale.
We took our time, getting lost and talking about serious--and not so serious--stuff.  Upon our arrival, we decided to have an impromptu photo-shoot in Old Town when we couldn't find anywhere to get food (hence all the pictures).  It was great fun.
When we finally got to Urban, we had a ton of time to kill (it opened at 5; it was 3:30), so we back-tracked and went to Target, which opened at 4.  There were so many people there!  We waited in the car  until the line started disappearing into the store.  Our main objectives fulfilled (bathroom break and food!!!), we bypassed the deals and long lines and headed back to Urban with 15 minutes to spare.
Urban was A MAD HOUSE.  I swear, I haven't seen that many hipsters in one place since the Sufjan Stevens concert.  It was insane.  Thankfully we found some friends, so we certainly weren't the last ones in line.  When the doors opened, Melanie and I locked arms and ran for it.  Everyone swarmed to the sale corner--this is when the spirit of Black Friday (and the wrath of broke hipsters) kicked in.  There was no room to move--I am still amazed I ever got out of that mass of shoppers...  I ended up with a button-up horse tunic, red dress, navy cardigan, and blue fedora, all for under $50--really awesome considering the tunic and dress were originally $48 each and the cardigan originally $58.  SCORE!  The two hour line (not exaggerating much) was definitely worth it, especially because we found another group of friends to hang out with in line.  Of course, at 7 AM, Urban was like, Hey, let's have a DJ come in and blast music!  That was pretty funny.

...And then I got home at 8 AM (after witnessing no less than the rapping stylings of Melanie).

Nine hours of craziness!  Life is so fun.

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▲my• said...

I've never done black friday, but it sounds like you had an awesome time!
I was fairly close to doing it this year for the Urban sale. Haha we probably would have run into each other, that is if we could have seen through the sea of hipsters.

Oh, and if you ever need yummy food in the Old Town area I highly recommend The Orange Table and their awesome Chunky Monkey Pancakes! SO GOOD.
Be sure to go before 4pm though. The only downside is they close at 4pm every day :(