today i am thankful

Life is just way too much fun.  Seriously.  My little sister thinks I'm crazy for getting so excited about things such as the newest episode of Gossip Girl or deciding which Hermione hairstyle I should go with for my costume tomorrow...  But really, it's the silly things that make life so fantastic.  Like today in 4th hour yearbook when we played Harry Potter Clue, or last Thursday when I heard a Christmas song slipped in while we were shopping at Old Navy.  Or yesterday, when it finally hit me:  I'm going to college next year. Uh, WHOA.

Life is full of silliness and wonderfulness, and bit of seriousness in between.  But mostly it's a lot of getting extremely excited when your AP government teacher puts on his Harry Potter soundrack station on Pandora.  One thing is for certain:

Yes, I get a little carried away when it's Harry Potter season. 
Yes, I get a little carried away when it's holiday season. 

Yes.  I get a little carried away. 

But can you blame me?


Maggie Shirley said...

This was a lovely post. I really enjoyed it a whole, whole lot. I'm not quite sure why, but that's okay because I'm smiling. :)

▲my• said...

i too am very excited for harry potter season :)
although a little sad that i won't be seeing it at midnight this time around... there's always part two!!!

i just can't wait to walk through the theater doors (definitely seeing it in the cine capri) wearing my gryffindor robes and scarf. perfection.

emmakaren said...

You are so adorable! And I agree, life is the dang dandiest thing there is! (p.s. I LOVE your tumblr!)