hey leighton, stop making me look bad, will ya?

Dear Leighton Meester,

I have a hat just.like.this. that I wore the other day with my hair just.like.yours., so imagine how I feel when I s(tumble) upon these pictures of you.  I don't know whether to feel flattered or discouraged about my efforts in comparison... So I will let it slide.  But just this once.

Best regards,

(P.S.  I am officially addicted to tumblr.  It started out as a harmless no-strings-attached relationship, but when I began to feel overwhelmed about all the awesome pictures I was finding and how I could blog them all gracefully, I caved.  Welcome to my life as a Marie Wannabe!)


emmakaren said...

I LOVE the pictures on Tumblr!!!

▲my• said...

tumblr is beyond addicting.