today i am thankful for...Christmas dress shopping

My grandma and I have a tradition of going shopping for a Christmas dress each year.  Sometimes my grandpa even tags along like a good sport, as he did today.  Today marked our most successful mission yet--I found "the one" at our first stop.  I guess it wasn't so hard, considering our first stop was Anthro, but it was impressive nonetheless! 

I also had an enlightening experience:  I walked into Barneys for the first time in my life (granted, we've only had one here for maybe a year or so).  I wasn't expecting anything but a snobby department store...what I found was heavenly.  It was minimal, but still cozy and creative.  I also saw many designers' clothing for the first time IN PERSON.  Isn't it odd that I felt so "in the know" about fashion when I had never seen or touched a Proenza Schouler or 3.1 Phillip Lim in person?  I don't know what hit me while I was in there, but I was in a daze the rest of the afternoon.  It also didn't help that a man there, dressed in a snazzy suit, stopped me and said, "I love your look; so Barneys!"  Uh, my life is complete?!

And then we went into Kate Spade, which embodies basically everything I believe in:  bright, playful colors, prints, polka dots, sparkles, with a retro sensibility.  Seriously, walk into Kate Spade and this is what I believe my brain consists of:  everything sparkly and colorful and nostalgic.

And don't even get me started about the Christmas decorations!!!!!

I swear I was zoned out into my happy place for at least an hour or two.

And a big thank you to my dear grandparents (and yes, I do know they will read this because they are that hip) for another memorable afternoon and another fantastic Christmas dress.  I love you guys.

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▲my• said...

Anthro is always the answer :)
I can't wait to go see their Christmas stock! I always love their tree decorations.

Barneys is great. I remember going there with my friend Lauren a few months ago. It made me think of what would happen if Urban Outfitters and Saks had a love-child. Minimilistic, and unique, but with quality, style, and Marc Jacobs.
Plus, I'm in love with the staircase in the middle of the store. :)
I bypassed shoes my last visit too afraid I'd end up splurging my life's savings on multiple pairs of Marc Jacobs. How I love him...

Have you been in Free People yet? (It's right across from the Microsoft store) Lovely!

Heehee I love that we live in the same area. It makes for great shopping recommendations. :D