today i'm thankful

My aunt and grandma told me how they are secretly planning to surprise me next year by sending me money and random gift cards.  ("So you can restaurants!" said my grandma.  "So you can buy books...for fun!" said my aunt.  Too cute.)

My sister staked out in my room to work on crafts as I went through my closet (she helped me decide what needed to go by answering "On a scale of 1-10...").

My dad bought a collection of Christmas oldies at Costco.  Between this and my Songs for Christmas, we're set.

My grandma got me a Kate Spade barrette last year for Christmas that says "Mistletoe" that I am SO ready to wear (plus my mom bought be a jingle bell ring yesterday...I will try to abstain as long as I can before I wear it everyday until Christmas).

And just now my family and I sat outside for dinner (it's beautiful!) and ended up watching about 20 YouTube videos on my mom's MacBook Pro when we were finished eating.  Gotta love young, hip parents.

A shout-out also to my papa (whose love of dogs always makes me smile), my grandpa (who shares my love of taking pictures), my cousin (who is finally asking for my advice after 17 years), and my dog (who cuddles me and cries so much when I get home from school each day like no one has ever cried out of happiness to see me before and most likely never will).  And of course, everyone else.
I love you all so much.

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Anonymous said...

Do u still have the barrette? I've been looking for it for an entire year! I saw it and as I approached, a coworker scooped it up. I was so disappointed. Esp since I thk my coworker wanted it based on my interest!!!