Erin, Domenico, + Phoebe aka Julia Child, sailor, + Little Red
Dylan aka lifeguard
Dahlya, aka Sufjan Stevens, aka my favorite musician alive (We're obsessed) + Melanie aka fifties girl aka girl who might strangle us if we say the name Sufjan again...  SUFJAN
Kavita + Tori aka Little Red + hippie
Nathan aka college hipster
Eric + Rylee aka Paulie + Juno aka cutest couple costume ever
Britanee aka Canadian duck
Rachel aka flapper girl
Me + Kate aka Marie Antoinette + brown bear

Halloween weekend was wonderful!  Friday I got to attend a lovely birthday party, Saturday I spent the day baking and watching The Shining before getting ready for my Halloween party, and Sunday I watched Halloween specials while handing out candy.  Pretty sweet.  What were you?

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▲my• said...

sounds lovely!

i didn't dress up this year... for i think the first time.
but i handed out candy to all the kids coming to my door. so cute!