apparently facebook knows what's on my mind at all times...

Darren Criss, college, and adorable DIY weddings.

Can't argue with this, because I may have driven to the Neighborhood WalMart Friday after school to pick up the latest issue of GQ because Darren Criss is featured in one of the spreads...(IN WEDDING ATTIRE, NO LESS!)  Also, I am acting freakishly excited about college to the point that I am willingly taking my online placement exams already.  (The verdict is in--I am not as bad at French as I thought and I am just as bad at math as I thought.)

Yep, Facebook knows what's up.

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Lauren said...

I wish I could share your enthusiasm about college... and I feel ya with the math stuff. I feel like I could enjoy it, if I was actually good at it, haha.