commercials at their best

Google knows how to make a commercial, you guys.  They made one of my favorite commercials that literally made me cry the first time I saw it (in a theatre, no less!).  They have done it again with their new "It Gets Better" ad.

The fact that they aired it for the first time during Glee speaks volumes.  Because let's be honest here--Glee is not a conservative show, and it is often at the forefront of the LGBT community and the issues it faces.  To know that this kind of commercial reached this unique demographic tonight fills me with such joy, because everyone deserves to know that they are wonderful, beautiful human beings who deserve to live up to their full potential whatever their sexual preference.

I understand that there are people who disagree with this opinion and hold their own values very close to their hearts.  I respect that, as I would hope you to respect my own beliefs in return.  What I hope to remind you is that gay people are, well, people too.  Even if you can't support their lifestyle, you can support the human condition--the need to love and be loved.

Remember:  Acceptance.  Tolerance.  Compassion.  And this.  


▲my• said...

I was awed when I saw this add. Just amazing <3

kate said...

oh wow, that's dan savage. i love his column. this is beautiful :)