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The first half of Glee finale felt like a dream.  Literally, I felt like everything that happened was really unrealistic, even for Glee.  It was still a whole lot of fun though!  I can't complain when I get to see Kurt and Rachel so blissfully happy singing at the Gershwin Theatre (the Wicked set was so awesome...  Also, I am officially personally insulted I have never seen Wicked).  That was precious.  One of my favorite parts:  When Kurt wakes Rachel up to have breakfast at Tiffany's and tells her that him and Blaine plan to move to NYC for college too.  OMGLEE.  LET THIS HAPPEN.

Nationals was a let down, but it wasn't like I expected them to win.  What I did expect was something CRAZY to happen.  The Finchel kiss was pretty crazy, but not as crazy as it could have been.  Also, what ever happened to Quinn's mischievous "You'll see"??!  What was Quinn’s scheme?  Did she put Finn up to have him and Rachel to sing a duet that he wrote so they would make out and ruin their chance at Top 10?  (Most awkward thing of my life, by the way.)  Did she want to get a haircut but needed it to look like someone else’s idea?  WHAT IS UP.

What really did it for me was the last ten minutes.  KLAINE.  SAMCEDES.  "I LOVE YOU" "I LOVE YOU TOO."  sklfjas;lkjd;LKJ;slakjf;lskdjf;sdlkf  I am a muddle of giddiness and love.  Also, Brittany is outsmarting 75% of the cast at this point.  Love her.

Any thoughts, fellow gleeks?

P.S.  I found my Warbler tie at Goodwill for fifty cents, I think it was...  I literally went to Goodwill to look for a blue and red tie for my Blaine costume AND THEY HAD ONE.  It was a magical moment.

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