the most pastel time of the year

Lazy blogger status.  Will be back in full force in about a week.  For now...
  • AP studying.
  • AP practice.
  • AP testing.
  • AP omgaahahsdaskdjalskjd.
  • Senoritis.  Yes, I am finally owning up to it.  All I care about at this point is APs and drooling over the beautiful yearbook.
  • Tweeting. (I can't believe I used to loathe Twitter with a passion.)
  • Sleeeeeeeeep! Sort of.
  • Listening to way too much Warblers & Starship.  (Is that even possible? If it is, I've done it.)
  • Being super cliche and studying at Starbucks three times in the past two weeks--OH YEAH!
  • Having to explain to my English class that today is the anniversary of the defeat of Voldemort when my teacher asks me in the middle of class why I am wearing a pin that says "Team Harry."  EPIC NERD STATUS RIGHT UP IN HERE!

And that is all.

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