smile like you mean it

The thing I will miss most about high school is Yearbook.  Actually, I don't think I will miss anything other than Yearbook.  This past Tuesday, the last day of Yearbook, was one of the most emotional days of my life!  I was verging on tears all throughout fourth and fifth hour as I worked on my EIC handbook.  To get ready for Glee, I put on the "Journey to Regionals" soundtrack and when "Don't Stop Believin'" came on, I almost lost it completely.  Not to mention "Over the Rainbow" and "To Sir With Love" came on... Geeze Louise.  "To Sir With Love"!!!!  They sang that song to Mr. Shuester.  Ah!  I was a wreck.  It wasn't until fifth hour that I finally broke into tears.  Epic hugging ensued.
After yearbook, I cried even more!  I am such a cry baby, you guys.  I was on the verge of tears all sixth hour as I finished converting layouts to send somewhere.  To torture myself even further, I still had my Glee music on, so I tried my hardest to keep it together during "My Life Would Suck Without You".  You being Mrs. Wrather, the editors, and the staffers.  When Mrs. Wrather and I said our (first) goodbyes, I lost it again.  I am so excited to move to Portland, but leaving behind Yearbook has been one of the toughest things I've ever done.
The night before graduation, I went to Kate's graduation party to eat all of Raquel's deliciously adorable cake pops.  Nom nom!

I feel like I have to clarify that the yearbook above has a plastic cover on it that says (in large sharpie print) where signers can not sign in the yearbook. Gotta love Tabz!

Crycrycrycry.  I felt so lame feeling so sad about leaving high school, but I literally had to keep myself together on the way from the yearbook room to my car.  When I got in the car, Glee made it worse AGAIN by playing "Pure Imagination"... GAH!

On my way to Sprouts for lunch (after a failed attempt to nap), it finally dawned on me:  I am going to Portland.  I am going to be freaking awesome in Portland!!!!  I haven't cried since.

The one thing I was worried about (you know how when you're nervous you tend to focus on the stupid little things?) was when I would switch the side of my tassel.  In complete Kaylie fashion, I was so calm about graduating that I forgot to even switch it.

My adorable family is adorable.

Phoebe is my baking buddy and Ken is my Glee buddy.  They are both going to Ivies.  They're just cool like that.

Three of my favorite sophomores/juniors.  Thanks Azlynn, for finally switching the side of my tassel!

I couldn't find Erin on the field at graduation, so we took a super classy photo in the theatre before Hangover 2.

After the movie, an impromptu dance party in the desert, I-Hop, and a party stop-by, we headed up to Falcon Hill Park to watch the sunrise.  I was pretty exhausted by this part, but I made it up and watch the sunrise with some of my besties.  I thought I would be sad at this point, but nope.

I have conquered Mesa.  Time to conquer Portland!

For my grad party, I wanted it to be as least serious as possible.  In the past I may have tried to make something like this "grown up" and classy, but no.  I said, BRING ON THE SLUSHIE MACHINE.  BRING ON THE COTTON CANDY MACHINE.  BRING ON THE CUPCAKES.

My parents rented a slushie machine, my mom made cupcakes, and my uncle used his free cotton candy rental.  IT WAS AWESOME.

Life is so good.


Maggie Shirley said...

Congratulations! Looks like you had sooo much fun. And leaving high school was pretty hard for me too. I was so emotional, like, all year, haha. Also, I love that white lace dress.

▲my• said...

Looks like you're having lots of fun.
Good luck in Portland! I'm so happy for you!

And ditto what Maggie said. That dress is GORGEOUS.

moonshinejunkyard said...

well congrats and i am proud of you for having a rad high school experience. my REALLY good times happened later; just think what might be in store for you! but i will admit, your yearbook group looks truly amazing and my heart ached for you a wee bit, welll....especially when i saw those gorgeous desert sunrise photos and i got all sentimental about my own love of the southwest and partying till the sun comes up and all that youthful stuff :) mesa girl makes good!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I'm jealous of all the comments on your blog... the only one's I ever get are from you, hahaha. And second, in the pic of you, Ken, and Phoebe, I think YOU are cool for saying "Ivies" instead of spelling out Ivy League Schools... I wouldn't have even thought of that. Third, The pic of Kate and Ryry with cotton candy is way cute, and I wish I would have made a WHOLE BEARD LIKE A PINK, GAY, FLAMBOYANT DUMBLEDORE (which is ironic... cause he is), and fourth I love the order of the pics. It made me giggle: ybk, ybk,Kate's party, more ybk, ybk... This was a good post :) Like the rest of them!

Keri said...

Great post Kaylie. I will hold the fort down here in Mesa while you conquer Portland. Love you, xoxo.

Kaylie said...

WHY DIDN'T YOU MAKE A COTTON CANDY BEARD?! And it is in chronological order, silly goose. :)