back to school bucket list revisited

At the beginning of sophomore year, I made a "back to school bucket list."  Let's see how well I did...
  • Make more friends.  I'd say yes, I did. Mostly I realized that the friends are there for me to have, but I am introverted and it's hard for me to put myself in situations where these friendships tend to thrive (like a party), so it feels like I don't.  There are a few people I am really excited to get to know better, and I am obviously stoked to bond with my London trip.  Progress!
  • Bake more treats (this will probably help with the friend-making).  I'd say I made a fair amount of treats!
  • Force my friends to have holiday parties with me (even if it's just me feeding them baked treats in my decorated room).  YES.  Claire and I had a lovely Valentine's Day get together.  Now that I will be living in a house, the holiday parties will be essential this fall.  I can't wait to decorate the house!  
  • Save money & budget.  Doin' alright. 
  • Go on fun & cheap dates with Ted.  We definitely cut back this year, but still had a ton of fun.  Lots of awesomely free musicals and theatre.  
  • Have more girls nights.  I still need to initiate more of these, but I had my moments--like when Claire and I watched 500 Days of Summer and ate a whole frozen pizza from Maggie's or when I had the room to myself and watched The Devil Wears Prada and painted my nails.  A girl needs nights like these in the midst of stressful schoolwork!
  • Write for the school newspaper.  I didn't do this, although I did join the Literary Review.
  • Get more involved.  I'm definitely getting more and more involved in the theatre department--I designed for a dance piece in the fall, and a senior thesis show in the spring.
  • Speak up more in classes.  It's a struggle, man. I'm working on it.
  • Eat healthier so I have more energy.  I got myself to like salads!  I consider this a personal victory.
  • Go hiking and enjoy the beautiful nature around me.  I didn't much, but it happened!
  • Go on an outdoors trip.  I did!  It was great!
  • Exercise. (You guys, I have never set foot into a gym... Embarrassing.)  I went to yoga for two hours once a week.  I am still trying to develop a personal routine.
  • Write more.  Somewhat.
  • Sketch more.  YES--I was in Drawing I this spring.  My favorite was figure drawing, which thrilled me because that's what I came to improve!  I am super stoked for Drawing II, which is focused on the figure.  I do need to get into a habit of practicing, practicing, practicing! 
  • Be more confident in my work.  Getting closer.
  • Call my family and friends more (not that I didn't last year, but you can never have too much love in your life).  I'd say I am pretty good at this.
  • Become more direction-savvy.  Please.  I try really hard, guys.  And the past couple of weeks I have even started driving in Portland for the very first time!  It's basically everything that stresses me out about driving--pedestrians, rain, hills.  Woo hoo!
Half way done with undergrad.  What a crazy thing.


Lizzie said...

This is awesome! It seems like you accomplished a lot. :)

Natalie said...

You know, I feel like we're pretty similar, you and I... yeah, that was a weird introduction to a comment, but seriously. Introverts trying to put ourselves out there to make friends in college apart from significant others and roommates, which can be difficult since we're not the partying type. Like, okay, I guess that's a relatively general statement, but I dunno. I just feel like we're kindred spirits and relate to everything you say a ton, so yeah.