so close, but so far

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At 4pm this Friday, I will be done with my second year of college.  Half way done with undergrad.  What.

But all I can think about is how I have to give a presentation (with a partner, thank god) sometime between those last three hours of school.  I have spoken the least in this class, so I am hoping everyone will be so shocked to hear me speak that they will be extremely impressed or not be able to focus on what I am stumbling out.

Ugh.  As you may have gathered, I'm not much of a public speaker.

But then it will be summer.  And life will be good.  And busy.  And summer.  Summer summer summer.

Things to look forward to this summer (because I need to calm down and focus on happy things):

♥ Internship in May and August assisting the costume designer for the Fall main stage production of The Marriage of Figaro

Going home for most of June and July, and some of August (!!!)

♥ Hanging out with family and friends, cuddling Izzy, HGTV

♥ Being home for my parents' birthdays

♥ Time to craft, bake, blog

♥ Avocados & sorbet & 1/2 off frozen yogurt PJ Wednesdays

♥ Developing a yoga routine

♥ Leaky Con in Portland

♥ Family trip to Denver

♥ Blogger Family Meetup in Austin

♥ Actually reading for fun

♥ Arrested Development

♥ and so many other happy things

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