dinner at hogwarts

Every year the theatre department has a senior dinner to honor the graduating seniors.  This year, if you can believe my luck, was Harry Potter-themed.  I was also fortunate enough to be a part of the planning.  As a member of the food committee, I made some killer lemon bars (they were a hit!) and mini pumpkin pies.  Of course there were also chocolate frogs, amongst other sweets.  It was my idea to have a dessert trolley!  Everyone loved that, especially when we got the theatre department secretary (an adorable old lady) to cart it onto the stage.  Ted, being the sweetheart he is, also helped out with food and chopped 234302095 mushrooms and onions for the shepard pies.  Just because!  He couldn't resist being a part of the magic, I suppose.  

Obviously, the "set" was pretty awesome.  Everything was on the mainstage--there were the four house tables, a forbidden forest, a potions "dudgeon," a common room (my favorite), and other various props like broomsticks and mirrors.  The mini stage for the skit and speakers was a quidditch field.  Of course!

I was Professor Umbridge, marking the first time I've dressed up as a Harry Potter villan.  It was pretty funny.  I borrowed the hat, skirt, and jacket from the costume shop, but everything else was mine--including the schnauzer brooch (Umbridge was a cat lover, but I didn't want to spend money/search endlessly for a cat brooch)!  I added pink tulle bows to my loafers.  Ted was originally going to be a Gryffindor student, until I got the brilliant idea that he could go as schoolboy Hagrid.  So he roughed his look up a bit and we found him a giant fluffy spider from a costume store to be Aragog.  It was pretty adorable.  

Another great thing: two of the professors (and one of the professor's husband) formed a band and played a set for us.  One of the seniors (who I worked in the costume shop with) played a SAW for one of the songs.  Classic Lewis & Clark moment right here.  

The night was magical, and reminded me why I am a theatre major--we're creative, fun people that know how to throw a themed party.  What's not to love?


Lizzi said...

Ahhh, that sounds so awesome!!

Natalie said...

If ever the word "cute" could be used to describe Umbridge, it would definitely be for this situation. LOVE IT. The food looks so good oh my gosh the baby pumpkin pies give me all of them please. And chocolate frogs! YES. Everything looks so fantastic.

Nicola said...

WOW. Everything looks perfect! And such a super outfit! Go you!
So jealous of all this! :D