wanderluster vs. homebody

I have a busy summer ahead of me.  A part of me loves this, and another part of me really just wants to cuddle Izzy and watch House Hunters at my house.  I'm very conflicted in that way.  I think what I need is a good balance.  Last summer I was literally home for four months straight aside from a two week trip to California.  This summer I am going to be mobile all summer, going from one place to the other.  It's exciting, but also way out of my comfort zone.  That's good for me though--I need to get used to this real life stuff so I'm not as shell shocked when I graduate in TWO YEARS.  What even is that.  Time, you're crazy.  

Also related:  My sweet graduating friend who went on the London program last year gave me a list of things to do there and I could not be more excited.  AHHHH!

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Kate said...

Read this in a condescending guidance counselor voice:

"Wow, Kaylie. This is a big time for you right now."

It is, and I couldn't be more stoked for you! <3