thursday thrills

Further proof that Zooey is adorable and talented.

Good news for those in the PNW:  Wet hair is apparently "in."

This bread looks really fun and makes a great "treat for every season" because the shape possibilities are endless.

One of my best friends re-vamped her blog!

I'm glad I found this toast post (hehe), because lately I've been loving toast (namely, covered in avocado and fried egg).

New HBO show:  Family Tree.  Two episodes in and I'm hooked.

Happy weekend.  xoxo

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Kate said...

LOL THE VIDEO. Seriously wicked dance moves. So so cute. She's so precious. M.Ward plays a very convincing d-bag as well. And thank you for the blog shout-out! It needs work. I'm pretty sure all the links are still broken, but thank you! I'm so honored to be a Thursday Thrill :') I wasn't prepared for this... I didn't think I would cry this much...