roomie date

This Friday was a "reading day" so I finished up an essay, turned it in, and met Claire at the bus stop to go downtown.  Studying is important, but so is getting in some one-on-one time with your roommate that you won't see for a year due to studying abroad different semesters (yeah, let's not talk about that). Yes, we do live together and see each other a ton, but that's different--getting out and having an adventure in the sun is crucial.

We brought some light studying to do in Tea Chai Te, but mostly we chatted and explored NW 23rd. It was warm and sunny (THANK YOU PORTLAND), so bubble tea, ice cream, and burgers were an obvious choice. We found fun vintage stuff to try on, bacon and macaron everything, and a DOG WALL--emphasis on the dog wall (we're kind of obsessed).  So it was the loveliest of Spring days.

I am very thankful for a top notch roommate, warm sunny days, and the promise of summer!  Also, burgers.

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Natalie said...

Yes! When my roommate and I went to a concert together it was great bonding time just since we were doing something that wasn't just living together. It sounds like you two had a grand old time. That's upsetting that you'll not see each other for a whole though, gah. But at least we have the internet to keep us together.