is it raining in pdx/phx

OF COURSE IT'S RAINING IN PORTLAND.  But it seems so wrong for a desert girl for me.  Sure, I'm used to summer monsoons in Phoenix, but even when those hit, it's still extremely warm.  And thunderstorm-y. 

I'm used to the 98 degrees-variety of summer. (And no, that doesn't mean spending the summer listening to the 90's boyband 98 degrees. Oh man, googling them brought back some memories.  Also, appropriate song lyrics "you're the sunshine after the rain"--that's about you, Phoenix.)  This 50 degrees stuff is going to take some getting used to.  At least I have a pile of books and a script to read for my internship to keep me occupied indoors.  


Lizzie said...

I hear you -- It has been so stormy in St. Paul lately! I swear I never heard thunder here before whereas back home in Florida it's the daily soundtrack.

Ha ha, I remember 98 degrees...maybe too well? Actually, none of their songs have stuck with me but I can still place their album/cd art. Weird.

Internship you say? Have you talked about it before and I've just been ignorant?

P.S. Yay for summer!

Kaylie said...

I remember them a little too well too... Hahaha.

I'm assisting the costume designer for the fall mainstage at my school! It's pretty low-key right now, but will pick up in August/into the fall semester.

Ansel Leigh said...

Desert Rat status right here too! I love the rain, especially the smell of rain in the desert, but at the same time, I'm all over the 100 degree summer heat.

viva las vegas