guess what, it's


To those people who hate Valentine's Day because they're single... Let me show you the light.

February gives you an excuse to:
  • Wear as much red, pink, and sparkle as you possibly can
  • Have a rom-com marathon (bring on the chick flicks!)
  • Buy yourself something special (I bought one of these in red) 
  • Bake heart-shaped sweets
  • Make valentines for your friends
  • Break out your embarrassingly large collection of heart-shaped sunglasses
  • Throw a tea party
  • Eat chocolates (because the only thing better than eating chocolates is eating chocolates from a heart-shaped box)
So come on, don't be one of those people.  Enjoy the sparkly, laced, heart-shaped holiday in all its adorably over-the-top glory. 


Zoe Brimhall said...

I don't like February because it's mid-term month! Although I do love the chocolate (helps with mid-terms too). I also love the pictures in this post (and all your posts)!

▲my• said...

(preferably starring hugh grant. luckily there is no shortage of those.)