team blair

I will admit I am more partial to brunette characters (Okay, completely--especially Blair and Rachel), but I have good reason.  I will always be Team Blair, Team Rachel, Team Every-character-Zooey Deschanel plays.  Here's why:
  • Brunettes are portrayed as more independent & strong-willed
  • Their style is more classic, retro, and preppy--LOVE!
  • They are usually shown as more serious/academic

As for the Serena/Blair debate:
  • Blair is all of the above and also has a killer attitude--you don't want to mess with B.
  • Serena is laid-back and all, but she can be pretty careless about the choices she makes and the guys she gets involved with.
  • Blair can be very mischevious and mean, but her brutal honesty is what makes her so lovable.
  • Serena shows too much skin.  Period.  I think modesty is sexier.  Plus, Blair has better lingerie anyway.
  • Blair is always put together and has a goal in mind to accomplish.  She doesn't stop until she gets what she wants.  Granted, not always is this in her best interest, but I admire her drive.
  • Serena tries to be all boho when she's really a socialite wearing thousands of dollars.  Come on.
  • Blair knows who she is. What's better than that?

  • What team are you?

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emmakaren said...

I love Serena... But I do think Blair is better. Plus.. I kinda have this huge obsession with her love life... I seriously love it!!! Oh, and thanks for getting me addicted. :)