thursday thrills


Daydream about spending a year studying abroad--I pick Paris! (Thanks Melanie.)

Laugh out loud at Disney hipsters.

Check out the first two colors of the month from Kate Spade and enjoy the short films they inspired.

Love this collage of personal library necessities.

I started my own Etsy, Marie Wannabe!  I will be adding more goodies soon, so stay tuned.

Happy weekend!  Enjoy the almost-Spring weather and don't forget the Oscars!  xoxo


Rachel Lyn said...

Kaylie, it's Rachel Martindale! It is not time to confess that I follow your blog :) even though it already say that on the side. haha. It makes me so happy and Thursday thrills are my favorite! You are super adorable. Ok I am dying to buy that teacup but I don't know how to purchase it or have an etsy account.. but if it's still available when you get this, i'd love to have it? Thanks ;)

Katie said...

I'll go to Paris with you!

Melanie said...

You're welcome! I just knew when I saw that video that I had to show it to you:)