yearbook knows how to (tea) party

Reason #2343478 why I love yearbook:  the parties.  Sometimes it's because it's someone's birthday, sometimes it's because someone owes us a treat for being late, other times it's because there is a lull in acceptable reasons to gorge ourselves with homemade treats; we are the kings and queens of excuses to celebrate.  Our latest excuse?  Valentines day, of course!  I gathered up my tea party goods (I have an extensive history of tea parties) and helped the lovely Melanie with her fabulous tea party!  We passed around a bowl of heart confetti and embarrassing questions about crushes and first kisses, played Glee Karaoke, ate too much of Tabitha's mom's spinach dip (or was that just me?) and ended the night with a screening of Valentine's Day (which we told the boys was a really scary movie).  I love yearbook.

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Katie said...

That looks like so much fun.

And no, I believe you beat me in coolness :)