i ♥ facebook

Today I watched The Social Network with my mom and Rachel and it really got me thinking about the society I am growing up in. 

I remember the first time I got on Facebook to see what it was.  On MySpace  (What's that, right?), I started hearing that some of my friends opened up a Facebook account.  It didn't seem practical to get my own, because at the time (I'm thinking it must of been around 2007/08) only about 5-10 of my friends had one.  I remember being confused, like, "Why do we need another MySpace?"  A friend explained it to me as something along the lines of "It's made for college students to share stories with each other on their Wall."  I didn't think much about it.  Yet sure enough, when the growing numbers of my friends joining played in Facebook's favor, in no time I had completely forgotten, deleted, and mocked MySpace.

It is unfathomable how different our world would be without Facebook.  Everyone and their mom has one.  Heck, my great-grandma has one.  It creeps into our everyday lives in bizarre ways.  A perfect example from today before we watched the movie:

Rachel:  I got into Barrett!
Me:  I know; I saw your status!  I "Liked" it. 
Rachel:  Oh yeah!
Me:  I'm so proud of you!

And everyone knows that awkward feeling of running into someone in the hallways that the night before you were looking at their profile and pictures.  Nowadays being a creeper has become completely normal.  Society even encourages it, what with blogs and Twitter.

I have a shirt from yearbook camp that says, "yearbook:  the original facebook."   I find this so true.  In contrast to previous generations, my generation will never experience eventually forgetting So-and-so in ten years until we crack open our yearbooks and see his or her scribbled "Have a great summer!" because the class of 2011 (or whatever) will be at our fingertips on Facebook.  That.  Is.  Incredible.  I mean, think about it.  In less than a decade, the make-up of our society has changed so drastically.  Everyone is connected and the world is getting smaller and smaller.  If there was a zombie apocalypse, you'd probably know about it within a minute.

Facebook definitely has its pros (global connection) and cons (global addiction), but there is no denying that it has changed the way we think and act.  (It has even created its own genre of humor--if you are a fan of Harry Potter, read this.

Anyway, The Social Network deserves its four Golden Globes and copious awards and nominations.  I especially loved the score- I am so happy it won Best Original Score.  If there was one thing I could choose to be good at, it would be writing musical scores.  I am obsessed with the idea of music creating the atmosphere for films and productions. Also, props to Aaron Sorkin (writer) and David Fincher (director).  (I think I'm just obsessed with the idea of movies in general.) I want so badly to be cool enough to be a part of such a great film someday.  Here's to dreaming.


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