Disclaimer: I am gleeking out majorly around here, just fair warning.
Once again, my grandma outdid herself with my Valentine's Day basket.  This isn't even all of it!  I also got some baking goodies and other fun stuff.  And yes, that is Katy Perry nail polish--my grandparents are that hip.  (I love it! My nails are currently "The One That Got Away" and "Teenage Dream.")

Speaking of Katy Perry, I really liked Rachel's "Firework"!

My favorite thing about the episode was Blurt (Blaine & Kurt).  THEY ARE SO ADORABLE.  I am practically doodling this in my journal:
 Except maybe "Kaylie + Glee" would be more accurate.  Either way, The Warbler's rendition of "Silly Love Songs" made me so happy.

I have also been enjoying wearing my giant sequin heart from whenever I can--as in every other day.  It's just that time of the year, you know?

Other lovely things: Laughing way too much at lunch, watching 500 Days of Summer after school and going to the talent show.  Life is swell!


Tabz said...

I've been wanting the Katy Perry nail polish... D: Why aren't my grandparents this cool?

Katie said...

This is me being jealous! (and if I already said that in an earlier comment, please forgive me. That would just take things to a whole other awkward level...I just can't remember if I did or not...)