happy valentine's day

Last week when Melanie and I went to the gas station at lunch, I found a GIANT valentine.

Friday night, my parents went on a date for pizza at Grimaldi's and cupcakes from The Coffee Shop.  Lucky for me, I got their leftovers (ricotta and tomato pizza, will you be my valentine?) to eat on Saturday afternoon.  Between this, Valentine-making, and the second half of The Wedding Singer and the first half of Made of Honor, I was in Valentine's Day bliss.

Sunday night I finished up valentines for my friends.

I decided to keep it simple and mimic the phrases on Sweethearts.  My personal favorites are WHATEVER and GO GIRL.

For treats for my pals and yearbook, I made Oreo truffles and mini strawberry shortcake cupcakes.

I love mini things.

I accidentally asked Melanie to marry me.  Whoops.  We're thinking about a summer wedding.

Man, I just look too cool for school right here... It's probably because I am wearing sunglasses inside.  And they're heart-shaped (double whammy).  Note the Katy Perry nail polish--I'm in love.  I am wondering if they sell it by the gallon? 

The only thing better than pizza is heart-shaped pizza.  Yum!

Now, time for Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars with Melanie!  What a lovely day.



AlphaBetsy said...

Everyone love heart-shaped pizza. It looks like an amazing valentine's day.

Katie said...

happy valentine's day!

love, your favorite fake cousin. :)