tucson gem & mineral show

Today Dahlya and her parents brought me to the Gem & Mineral Show in Tucson.

This is Dahlya.  (She makes me laugh.)

There were 328432487264328748327 beads. (Probably more)

 Vendors from all over the world set up shop in tents and hotel rooms & ballrooms.  It was funny to see cheap motel rooms filled with treasures.

There was a plethora of carved animals, Buddhas, and other magical things.

Speaking of magical...  This reminded me of Professor Trelawney.

The tall, giant crystals were my favorite.  Isn't is awe-inspiring that the earth produces such beauty and sparkle?  (I like sparkle.)

Granted, I am short, but the things were HUGE. (Just ignore me with my eyes closed.)  We even saw one that was easily twice this size.  I kept wondering how they got the things there.  I loved that some of them were still half-packaged in their wooden crates that had things stamped on them like MADE IN BRAZIL.  It looked pretty glamorous, like they were just discovered and shipped to America.

 After getting some lunch at Govinda's, we ended at Electric Park where there was more sparkle, straw animals, wooden instruments (one guy told Dahlya not to quit her day job when she tried one), and hats (I got one earlier in the day...lets just say it deserves its own post).  I fell in love with the old cowboys selling homemade soda and rusty antiques.  I love me some gems and tranquility, but I think I'm more of a cowgirl at heart.

What are you up to this weekend?


▲my• said...

Looks like so much fun!
Love beads :)

I think I'll be going to the Chinese New Year fest down at the cultural festival. I missed it the last two years! o.o

Katie said...

that looks like a lot of fun! :)

Lauren said...

Those beads are so lovely. I looove the crystal ball. So pretty!